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Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Oriental Manuscripts

The reviewing procedure of the articles sent to the Editorial Office of the journal “Pis'mennye pamiatniki Vostoka” (approved by decision of the Academic Council of the Insitute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences, on December 27, 2010).

1. Manuscripts of the articles delivered to the Editorial Office of the journal "Pis'mennye pamiatniki Vostoka" are read by the Editor-in-Chief, the Vice-Editor-in-Chief, or by the Academic Secretary, and evaluated regarding the articles’ accordance to the journal’s subjects and the editorial rules of formalization.

2. Manuscripts of the articles delivered to the Editorial Office are to be registered by the journal’s secretary and sent for written reviewing to one reviewer (or two reviewers, if needed).

3. The reviewers are notified that the manuscripts are authors’ properties and not to be distributed. The reviewers are not allowed to copy manuscripts for their personal needs. The information about the reviewer is confidential.

4. The manuscript reviews are provided to authors by the Editorial Office upon authors’ written requests and do not contain the information about the names and academic affiliations of the reviewers.

5. The Editorial Board must send copies of the reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receiving the according request.

6. If the article review points out the necessity of revision, the article is sent to the author for revision. In this case, the date of returning the revised article to the Editorial Office is considered to be the date of the article submission.

7. An article sent to the author for revision must be returned in its revised version in terms set by the Editorial Board. The revised version must be accompanied by a letter from the author containing answers to all critical remarks and explaining all revisions made in the article.

8. If an article was considerably revised by the author according to the reviewer’s recommendations, it is sent for the second review to the same reviewer who wrote critical remarks and recommendations.

9. The Editorial Board keeps the right to reject an article if an author refuses to consider the Board’s recommendations.

10. If there are negative article reviews from two different reviewers, or one negative review on the edited version of an article, an article is rejected by the Editorial Board.

11. In case of the article rejection, the Editorial Office sends an author a motivated rejection letter.

12. The Academic Secretary informs an author regarding the decision made.

13. Maximal time of article reviewing is 2 months starting from the date of the article submission to the Office.

14. The original article manuscripts are kept in the Editorial Office for three years starting from the date of the article submission to the Office.